• Financial services

    The first category is the financial industry companies represented by banks, payment companies, insurance companies, factoring companies and supply chain companies. They mainly provide financial services, earn interest margin, pay handling fees, insurance premiums, factoring costs and a series of financial services costs, all financial services costs to RT as the main means of payment.
  • Logistics service

    The second category is resource industry companies, which mainly include trading companies, logistics companies, raw material procurement departments and consumption departments. They get higher synergies through block chain technology, as well as better logistics, information flow and capital flow.
  • Technical service

    The third category is technology-based companies represented by communication technology service providers, network service providers, cloud computing service providers and block chain technology service providers. They mainly provide technical services, earn communication service fees, cloud computing fees, Internet service fees and other technical services. At the same time, free intellectual property rights are authorized and patent licensing fees are charged. All technical service fees and patent licensing fees are mainly paid by RT.