The goal of the World Resources Cooperation and Development Organization is to build a more dynamic and lasting organization with complete contents, including resources, finance, high-tech services and intellectual property rights, and to build a common value exchange platform for human beings with cutting-edge block chain technology.

    The Project ecology is composed of various companies, which can be divided into three categories.
    The first category is the financial industry companies represented by banks, payment companies, insurance companies, factoring companies and supply chain companies. They mainly provide financial services, earn interest margin, pay handling fees, insurance premiums, factoring costs and a series of financial services costs, all financial services costs to RT as the main means of payment.
    The second category is resource industry companies, which mainly include trading companies, logistics companies, raw material procurement departments and consumption departments. They get higher synergies through block chain technology, as well as better logistics, information flow and capital flow.
    The third category is technology-based companies represented by communication technology service providers, network service providers, cloud computing service providers and block chain technology service providers. They mainly provide technical services, earn communication service fees, cloud computing fees, Internet service fees and other technical services. At the same time, free intellectual property rights are authorized and patent licensing fees are charged. All technical service fees and patent licensing fees are mainly paid by RT.
    With the most advanced technology in the future, we will create a universal value exchange platform for all human beings with fair, trustworthy and transparent storage.
    Use blockchain technology to link producers, consumers, and investors of global resource ecology to build a global resource ecosystem.
    The cryptographic digital asset, RT, which is supported by ecology, is used as an exchange and distribution tool for ecological value.
    The RT is used as the base currency to purchase the delivery rights of various assets to the super nodes in the ecology, the gold delivery right aurt, the natural gas delivery right lngrt, and the gasoline delivery right gasolinert.
    Create a global resource eco-transaction platform and promote RT to become the world's most exchangeable and circulated value of encrypted digital currency assets!